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GaRRS Donation Drive 2015

We at GaRRS hope you’ve enjoyed the programming we have provided in 2015. Our staff and volunteers are dedicated to bringing programming that you prefer.  We hope you have found something informative, educational, empowering, and entertaining every day. 

GaRRS first broadcast in 1980 which means we have been serving the blind and print-impaired of Georgia for thirty-five years!  

In recognition of that milestone, we challenge you to donate at least $1.00 for every year we have served the citizens of Georgia. $35 for 35 years. If you can donate more, please do.  If you cannot afford $35, please donate what you can.  Every donation helps to keep GaRRS strong and evolving to meet your needs and to reach more Georgians in need of our services.  Please go to the Donate Page on this website and make a contribution to help.

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